About Us

The law firm ADVOBERN provides legal services for private, corporate and institutional clients. Our main office location in Bern enable us to maintain an active legal representation within all of the German and French speaking cantons of Switzerland.

Our law firm consists of a team of multidisciplined lawyers. Thanks to the different specializations, our partners and associates can counsel our clients in  all criminal, civil and administration authorities as well as in all fields of law. Acting on the mandates is ensured by one of the partners of our law firm according to the needs of our clients and taking into the consideration specific expertise of the attorney in charge.

We practice in French; German; English and Spanish.

Since 2000, Me ROLF A. TOBLER is a member of an international operating network of law firms. Legal Netlink Alliance (www.legalnetlink.net) is a global alliance of carefully selected, midsized, general practice, independent law firms. Firms are selected for membership because they represent a high level of quality and integrity. The network’s membership of first class law firms gives the client access to quality legal representation virtually anywhere in the world.

The lawyers of our firm are member of BAV and SAV.